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Strandzha Nature Park

Strandzha is one of the most interesting and richly biodiverse regions in Bulgaria and Europe. Its territory is a natural transition between the vegetation, flora and fauna of Europe and Asia. 90 types of natural habitats have been established in Strandzha, of which 62 are on land and 28 are marine. Forests in "Strandja" Nature Park occupy 80% of the territory. "Strandja" Nature Park is the largest protected area in Bulgaria and is an example of the successful coexistence of man and nature, of a preserved environment, preserved traditions and cultural and historical monuments.

For 18 years now, the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation has been actively involved in the protection of Strandzha Nature Park. We support the local community to develop environmentally friendly businesses, organize training, exchange trips to other countries, seminars, field studies, etc. Together with the management of the park, we organize the Greenery Festival every year. We also registered the regional brand "Strandja" for nature-friendly products and services. We supported the construction of the tourist infrastructure of the park.

Catalog of the sites certified with the "Strandja" Regional brand

In 2007, we reacted with alarm to the threat that Strandzha would lose its status as a Natural Park due to the illegal construction of the "Golden Pearl" complex. It was overturned by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court in June. Then thousands of people from all over Bulgaria came out against this lawlessness. As a result of civil disobedience and protests in several cities, an amendment to the law was introduced in July, which does not allow the annulment of the status of protected areas by appeal. Later in 2012, we at the BSE with joy and pride attended the fall of the "Golden Pearl". But attempts to build this wonderful territory continue to this day.

Rather than being threatened with destruction, the park's layout could easily be adapted to UNESCO's requirements for a biosphere park. Since 2010, together with experts and the Ministry of Environment and Water, we have been working to make this happen. The initiative to declare Strandzha a biosphere park was organized within the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation's project "Cooperation for biodiversity protection and sustainable local development in Strandzha Mountain" and continues to this day. We hope that Strandzha will soon become the first biosphere park in Bulgaria, meeting the modern requirements of UNESCO's "Man and the Biosphere" Program. This will bring new advantages to the area, international recognition and inclusion in the UNESCO list among the selected 580 similar territories in the world.

Projects related to the territory

Cooperation for biodiversity protection and sustainable local development in Strandzha
Support of animal husbandry in PP Strandja
Partnerships for biodiversity: nature beyond conservation
Creation of a Regional brand "Strandja"
Partnership for Nature Park "Strandja"

Regional brand Strandzha

The objects that bear the regional brand "Strandja" are managed in a way that is good for nature. Being the bearer of the "Strandja" Regional Brand is a great honour, but also a responsibility because it is a trademark for exceptional nature and for the quality of the tourist offer, in harmony with the needs of the nature park and the local people. The mark is awarded by a local certification group, which includes independent assessors, representatives of the Directorate of PP Strandja and local communities. It is given for a period of 3 years, after which the sites go through a certification process again to prove that they still meet the high standards related to service quality and environmental friendliness. More about the brand on the website of the Strandja Park Directorate -
Catalog of the certified places with the "Strandja" brand 8.38 MB (pdf) Download