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Business partners

We offer you the opportunity to commit to important environmental and socially responsible causes with us, an organization with an impeccable reputation. The activity is not permanent, which allows the company to pursue its long-term strategic goals. If you are a business with whom you share a common understanding of social responsibility and the ways of its implementation - we are ready to cooperate with pleasure.

Support our social enterprise

"NATURE IN A BOX" is the social enterprise of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation through which we work for the protection of Bulgarian nature and support the honest livelihood of small farmers to produce clean food from valuable natural territories.

The farm products in the box are attractive, cannot be found in the market and have real gourmet value. Each product has a beautifully designed label that tells its story and makes the "Box" a very personal and warm gift.

Some of the small producers you can find in "Nature in a Box" are:
  • "Honey Dar" Chervenkovi, who extract their honey in the Natura 2000 zones "Sredna Gora", "Central Balkan" and "Strandja";
  • "Misto" EOOD - produce sweets, juices, jams and ljutenitsa from their own gardens in the Natura 2000 area "Bessapar Hills";
  • Garden "Tradition" Burgas, from which we get sweets, tea, and spices from the Natura 2000 zones "Strandja" and "Western Rhodopes";
  • Farm "Pod Balkana" - dairy and local products from Natura 2000 zone "Central Balkan";
  • Black Sea Salinas Ltd. the only salt pans in Bulgaria that extract sea salt from the Natura 2000 area "Lake Atanasovsko";

Our "Nature in a box" are of different types - sweet, salty, "Bulgarian", Christmas, March, aromatic, love, etc. But we are open to finding an individual solution, for anyone who wants to give and delight their friends / colleagues with an extraordinary gift with a cause.

You can support us in different ways

  • Through a corporate donation to the Biodiversity Fund or a cause of your choice.
  • Marketing with a Cause. Marketing programs of this type will allow your customers to support a cause by purchasing a particular product or service. It is an effective way to add value to a product or brand and to provide publicity for your company's social responsibility policies.
  • Payroll donations. The company can initiate employee fundraising and then double the amount raised.
  • Your company can name the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation as a beneficiary of its fundraising campaigns or sponsor events organized by us.

We believe that the ways for partnerships between us are diverse, and if you have a specific idea or wish to receive a document for a donation made and benefit from tax deductions - contact us: