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BBF is included at SAP Social Sabbatical for Local Engagement

Oct. 17, 2023
The SAP Social Sabbatical Program for Local Engagement is a unique short-term program for SAP employees to support selected causes of NGOs and social enterprises free of charge. Over a period of two weeks, multidisciplinary teams are formed to work on a specific need or opportunity identified by the selected organizations. Thus, the technical capacity to solve a specific case is increased by the expertise that SAP specialists bring with their personal skills in a wide range: from operations to logistics, supply chain management, marketing and branding, to finance and human resources. It is important to note that for the entire support period, SAP employees are released from their normal duties and work only for receiving organizations.

This year we are fortunate that the BBF is one of the four selected organizations, as the topic on which it works, the whole study of the ESG framework (regulation for sustainable management of companies in terms of three components: Environment, Social Environment, Governance) in its part for environment and identifying key activities that the BBF bcan carry out in partnership with the company in relation to the new regulations on commitment to the protection of biodiversity and wildlife.

Three other organizations are supported too - the Impact Drive Foundation and Resonator with their idea of ​​incorporating critical thinking and problem-solving in Computer Education for public schools, as well as business planning for Made with Love 21.

On October 14, a special workshop was held at SAP Center Sofia with the participation of all selected NGOs and mentors, where upcoming steps in the joint work process were discussed and planned, with the aim of finding a clear focus for each organization and preparing a detailed work plan.