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A Guide for Wetlands Management

Mar 28, 2024
The need for specialized and consolidated scientific information on the management of wetlands in Bulgaria led a team of the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation to develop a special Guide that considers the management of wetlands as a tool for their preservation, the requirements of the regulatory framework and the application of conservation practices.

The document is intended for students of Ecology and Environmental Protection and other natural sciences, studying various aspects of natural resources, protected areas and conservation ecology. It is suitable for preparing projects for conservation activities in wetlands. It can be used by competent authorities in compliance with wetlands and as a working tool for implementing the requirements of European legislation.

This guide is a game-changer for anyone interested in wetland conservation. It is well-grounded in theory, it is practical and it empowers people and communities to take concrete action. In it, we have collected a lot of knowledge, research and practical experience to present applied steps for the protection and restoration of wetlands," says the author Spas Uzunov from BBF.

From understanding wetland ecosystems to implementing sustainable management practices, this guide provides the knowledge and tools needed to know, conserve, and manage these vital, yet highly vulnerable, habitats.

The guide was developed within the framework of the LIFE project "The Lagoon of Life", funded by the LIFE Program of the EC. The design was prepared on the occasion of World Wetlands Day 2024 and was funded by MedWet and OFB.

The guide can be downloaded at Materials section (and if you need a larger print size, you can contact the "Lagoon of Life" team).

Here you can see and share a short tutorial video
Guide for wetlands management 5.94 MB (pdf) Download