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Water for life

waterfor life
May 01, 2023
Description: The project aims to demonstrate and implement good water-saving practices among local people in Oreshnik, a village in the driest southern part of Bulgaria, which is becoming increasingly vulnerable to prolonged periods of drought caused by climate change. A declining population, an increase in the average age and a high level of unemployment mean that the local community is heavily dependent on the food they grow in their gardens. At the same time, water saving practices are not very popular in small households. With the implementation of the project and with the help of volunteers, we plan to install or restore rainwater collection systems and introduce drip irrigation, which saves up to 40% drinking water compared to traditionally used hoses.
Project duration: May 2023 – April 2024
Funding: €18410
Donor: The project is implemented with the financial assistance of the King Baudouin Foundation through the EU Staff Fund for a Fair and Sustainable Future.
Team: Yordanka Slavova, Rosen Vasilev, Kamen Bakardzhiev, Iva Georgieva
Project objective: The project aims to directly help the local community in the village of Oreshnik to rationally and responsibly use the dwindling water resource on which their livelihood depends. In addition, the project is committed, through the example of the village of Oreshnik, to raise the awareness of people from all over the country about the possibilities of responsible use of water resources and to provide guidelines for good practices for sustainable agriculture.
Project activities:
- repair of a public fountain - cheshma
- two knowledge exchange meetings/trainings - on reducing water consumption and sustainable farming practices;
- volunteer camp to demonstrate and develop water saving systems and water efficient practices in at least 3 home gardens (automatic irrigation systems, rainwater containers)
- creation of a manual for responsible use of water for irrigation
- raising awareness on social media about issues related to drought and the need for responsible water use, as well as offering possible solutions to the problems.