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Workshops for Sustainable tourism in Osogovo

Mar 01, 2010

The event was organized by courtesy of Kyustendil Municipality, Directorate of Tourism and the Tourism Council and was held in the Balkan business center in the town of Kyustendil. The meeting was aimed at mayors and mayoral mayors of settlements in the Municipality of Kyustendil, entrepreneurs in the field of tourist services, NGOs and individuals involved in tourism or are interested in this activity.

The main objective of the workshop was to familiarize participants with the basic principles of sustainable tourism and its development opportunities in Osogovo. Were presented successful examples and best practices and their applicability to the region. Was presented the European Green Belt Initiative, and the place and role of Osogovo sustainable mountain development in the region and nature conservation in the European context. The meeting More than 30 participants including the Secretary of the Municipality of Kyustendil, mayors and mayoral deputies, representatives of the state game farm - Osogovo Tourism Council, tour operator agencies and other stakeholders.

As a result declared by the Municipality Nevestino interest in the topic and to explore tourism development on 24.02.2010 was held a second seminar on the same topic. The meeting was organized by courtesy of the Mayor and Ecologist of Nevestino municipality. The meeting was attended by Mayor of Nevestino and other representatives of the municipality, the local private tourism businesses, mayors and mayoral mayors of the settlements in the Municipality of Kyustendil.

Key speakers on the topics were Simana Markovska of Pirin Tourism Forum, Petko Tsvetkov and Petar Todorov of Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.