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Aug. 02, 2013

In the rich festival calendar of Burgas a new one appears this time related with the Atanasovsko lake lagoon, birds and salt. The Festival will provoke the interest of the citizens and guests of Burgas to the Atanasovsko Lake lagoon conservation and its importance for people and birds.

The first edition of the Festival in 2013 is dedicated to the main product of the lagoon – salt and its different usage as food, for health, entertainment, in cosmetics and even for art. What is salt and why it is so important to continue its extraction from the lake, how salt is connected with birds- this will understand the participants in the Festival.

The Festival will be situated on the coast of the lagoon, near the administration of the Black Sea Salinas Ltd. It will be one day long event, but diverse because it is connected with nature. As we want to reduce our carbon footprint, the participants are welcome by bicycle, foot, by surf or kite and only if you don’t have other choice come by car.

Programme of the Festival 754.5 KB () Download