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Photo contest The Incredible Belasitsa Winners

- Woman from the village of Yavornitsa chopping firewood, author: Pavel Gospodinov
Dec. 04, 2013
Finally we have the winners of the photo contest The Incredible Belasitsa announced.
Total of 50 participants from Bulgaria, FYR Macedonia and Greece took part in the contest submitting 259 pictures.
The jury members have the unique opportunity to enjoy all these beautiful pictures as well as a tough task to choose the best among them. The photos were evaluated based on the following criteria:
1. Representativeness of the region of Belasitsa/Belles Mountains.
2. Attractiveness;
3. Creativity;
4. Photographic composition and quality.
And the winners are:

Category Nature
1. Place - Mangaro Waterfall, author: Boris Genov, Bulgaria.
2. Place - From Kongur peak to Kerkini, author: Iana Gocheva, Bulgaria.
3. Place - Kongur peak, author: Kiril Tswetkow, Bulgaria.

Category People
1. Place - Woman from the village of Yavornitsa chopping firewood, author:
Pavel Gospodinov, Bulgaria.
2. Place - The shy waterfall, author: Stefan Dimov, Bulgaria.
3. Place - Grandmother, author: Piotr Rzerzycha, Bulgaria.

Category Culture
1. Place - Colorful apron, author: Stefan Dimov, Bulgaria.
2. Place - Old house (approximately 300 years) and her owner, author:
Pavel Gospodinov, Bulgaria.
3. Place - Village idyll, author: Aleksander Pulev, Bulgaria.

Apart from the winners runner-up awards will receive two more participants:
• Ivan Karatanov, FYR Macedonia for the picture River
• Stoian Petkov, Bulgaria for the picture Mummer's dance

We would like to thank to all the participants in the photo contest The Incredible Belasitsa once again for the beautiful pictures submitted.