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New construction in Yailata, although the European Commission sues Bulgaria for Kaliakra

Oct. 23, 2013
The coalition of NGOs and civic groups “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” express it strong disagreement with the project for upgrade of the medieval fortress in the Yailata protected area.
The latter belongs to the protected area of Kaliakra, part of the European ecological network Natura 2000. Currently Bulgaria is facing a trial in the Court of Justice of the European Union because of the excessive construction of wind farms near Kaliakra
In one of the lots of the project “Yailata - the ancient door of Dobruja BG161PO001/3.1-03” by the Kavarna Municipality, which is funded by the Operational Programme for Regional Development, envisages construction in order to upgrade the Yailata fortress. The order for promulgation of the Yailata protected area allows restoration, but does not permit new construction.
The coalition “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” supports cleaning of paths and the restoration of the rock church of Yailata. For science and tourism is important to be explored and exposed the necropolis and the unique rock niches that are located directly above the sea, and are a unique attraction.
But the upgrade of the castle from 3 to 6 meters of height and the towers with red sheet iron, "crowned with metal spire", not only has controversial aesthetic qualities and lack of security for archaeological authenticity, but also the following negative consequences for what is supposed to be a protected nature area:
- The lack of assessment of environmental impact of the project leads to a lack of evaluation of the effects on the geological foundations. Even now some of the rock niches in the region have collapsed roofs, indicating unstable rock. The accumulation of a large amount of building materials on the unhealthy foundations would create a risk of new landslides;
- During the construction is expected to be trodden about 16 decares of grass steppe communities, subject to conservation in the Kaliakra protected area;
- Species of fern leaf peonies, protected under the Biodiversity Act will be destroyed;
The coalition “Let the NATURE remain in Bulgaria” calls on the Ministry of Environment and Water to halt the project until it has been edited so as to ensure that the regimen of the Yailata as protected area is observed and do not lead to deterioration of the Kaliakra protected area.