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Feasibility Study for Trans-border Biosphere reserve Osogovo: Common meetings of experts and administrative project teams

May 11, 2015
In March, April and May 2015, in the framework of the project “Feasibility Study for Trans-border Biosphere Reserve Osogovo”, Ref. Nr. 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-047, Project Acronym TRANSBIORES, co-financed by the European Union through IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Bulgaria – the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, three common meetings of experts and administrative project teams have been conducted. All of them took place in Macedonia, in the programme region.
The meetings were attended by:
Administrative project team on the Bulgarian side
Martina Koleva - Project Manager and Julia Yordanova - Project Accountant
Administrative project team on the Macedonian side
Goran Trajkovski - Project Coordinator and Maja Kocova - Project Assistant
Experts on the Bulgarian side
Stanislava Zahova - Expert Cultural and Historical Heritage & Sociology, Simana Markovska - Expert Tourism, Dimitar Sabev - Expert Economics
Experts on the Macedonian side
Metodija Velevski - Expert Fauna, Natalija Melovska - Expert Flora, Oliver Avramoski - Expert Forestry, Vasko Hadzievski - Expert Agronomy
The experts’ surveys began immediately after accomplishment of the procurement procedure for provision of external expertise – respectively in November 2014 for the Bulgarian experts and in January 2015 for their Macedonian colleagues. The aim of the common meetings was to support the coordination between the experts and the coordination between the experts and the project teams.
The content and the structure of the reports were consulted by Petko Tzvetkov, Green Belt and Natura 2000 Coordinator for BBF and member of the MAB National Committee in Bulgaria and Despina Kitanova, expert in Biosphere reserves and member of the MAB National Committee in Macedonia.
Soon we expect the partnering organization on the Macedonian side - the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius – Skopje, represented by its regional office in Strumica, to conduct a single tender procedure for elaborating of the feasibility study. The latter should be based on the experts’ reports and determine the potential of Osogovo to become a trans-border Biosphere Reserve. Its publication is expected in November 2015