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Conference in Norway

May 10, 2010

The conference will start Saturday July 31st at 12.00 on Finnøy and will last till Tuesday August 3rd at 16.00 on Arran (Sami cultural heritage center) at Drag.
The conference is a “dialogue conference” where the participants will be an active part of the program. The conference will be organized in two main parts:
1. One part in Norwegian focusing on “The conditions to have a successful establishment based on local nature and cultural resources” and nature management in local cultures with a special focus on the sami culture and local farming/fishing culture
2. The other part will be in English and the main topic is “The Spirit of Place” – and how nature can open up for the deep joy.
The participants have to deliver their papers to or BEFORE June 1st. They will be presented at our website: These papers will be the main documents for the dialogue conference.
More details here.