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Biodiversity. We all are part of it.

Mar 24, 2010
The competition is open to all Bulgarian citizens or EU citizens resident in Bulgaria over the age of 18 years regardless of their experience. Each participant can submit up to three photos for the competition.
The 12 finalists of the competition set by an independent professional jury will be announced and awarded in mid-July 2010 at a special ceremony in Sofia, which will launch a tour of the exhibition of photos-finalists in the country.

First prize: € 1,000
Second prize: € 800
Third prize: 500 euros

Each of the remaining 9 finalists will receive an incentive award of 250 euros.

The deadline for the contest is May 3, 2010 at

Photo Competition "Biodiversity. We are all part of it "
European Commission Representation in Bulgaria
Moskovska "№ 9
Sofia 1000

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