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BBF started the preparation and implementation of a monitoring plan for ecocorridor Rila - Verila - Kraishte

Dec. 31, 2021
The preparation and implementation of a monitoring plan for the Rila-Verila-Kraishte ecological corridor began in December. The monitoring aims to determine the extent to which the built facilities for green infrastructure, such as overpass, underpass, viaduct, green bridges, etc., facilitate the passage and reduce the fragmentation of habitats of animal species in the area.
During the first field trips, part of the facilities in section 1 of the Struma Motorway between Dolna Dikanya and Dupnitsa were visited. The field research of the biologists and ecologists showed the presence of traces of mammals such as fox, golden jackal, otters and beech marten, which gives hope that the animals successfully pass the facilities and they are useful to them.

The observations will continue next year, and the collected results will be summarized in conclusions and recommendations for the representatives of the Bulgarian institutions and others stakeholders with whom cooperation will be sought for the implementation of coherent integrated mitigation measures to minimise the negative impact of transport infrastructure development. The monitoring data will also be used for the future development of a Cross-Sectoral Operational Plan for the region.

The monitoring plan is part of the activities of the Savegreen project, funded by Interreg Danube Transnational Programme, which is set to work on the critical theme of ecological corridors in the Carpathian and further mountain ranges of the Danube region.

The project's efforts are focused in this area as ecological corridors are a way to overcome one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss in the world and especially in Europe today - habitat fragmentation, due to different human activity.

More about the project you can found on the official project page or BBF page or if you follow #SaveGREEN in social media.