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A Life for the Bourgas Lakes

A Life for the Bourgas Lakes
Mar 24, 2010
Funds to implement the project activities were obtained from the financial instrument of the Council of Europe - LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity ". BSPB partners in the project life of Burgas lakes are Bourgas Municipality, M Black Sea salinas AD and non-governmental environmental organizations - the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds / BirdLife UK and Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation.
The total project budget is 1 775 006 euros, 75 percent of them are grant program of the European Union and other funds provided by BSPB and its partners.
The project would work to restore and maintain the favorable conservation status of the three lakes Burgas - Vaya "," Mandra "and" Atanasovsko. This will be achieved through direct protection of five bird species threatened with extinction worldwide - Pygmy cormorant, Dalmatian pelican, great bittern and Ferruginous Duck and tranoopashatata. The project will be useful, and creating mechanisms for the management of three important protected areas for conservation of the national ecological network NATURA 2000, namely "Mandra-Poda, Vyaya Lake and Lake Atanasovsko. Lake complex and the second most important of the old continent migration route the Via Pontica have great strategic value for the EU.