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How to donate

Donation by bank transfer to the BBF bank account (in BGN)

IBAN: BG96PRCB92301016330328
ProCredit Bank - Bulgaria
holder: Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation

For conservation activities in Atanasovsko Lake to the following bank account (in BGN)

IBAN: BG80STSA93000025975153
DSK bank
holder: Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation


At the EasyPay checkout

Recipient of the translation: BBF
Customer number (CIN): 5559473438
Rationale: Biodiversity Emergency Fund

Support us while you shopping

BBF has an online shop where you can find interesting products related to nature, produced in protected areas or with care for the environment, gifts for outdoor activities or popular science literature. 100% of the profits from our online shop go directly to the Biodiversity Fund.
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Regular donations through salary

Payroll donation is an easy way to donate a small amount of your salary each month. You choose how much to support us and it will be transferred from your salary each month directly from your employer's accounting. You can change the amount at any time and whether to continue donating.

Follow the steps:
  1. Download and fill in the Consent for monthly donations through salary.
  2. Inform your employer that you want to donate a monthly amount of your salary and provide him with the printed and signed consent.
  3. Send the signed consent scanned to e-mail: or by mail to the address: Sofia 1000, 6 Triaditsa Str., 5th floor, office. 504, to the attention of Rumyana Ivanova.
  4. From the next calendar month, your employer will transfer the amount of your choice for donation to the Emergency Fund for Biodiversity.