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Balkania Route: Two steps towards others

Jan. 05, 2024
One major issue in the Balkans is that people are more prone to recognise the Iron Curtain than the European Green Belt (EGB). Even if one decides to start exploring the region, the information is scarce, inaccessible online, reliable and up-to-date. The existing tourism products are not exploiting the potential of natural and cultural heritage, nor is there sufficient investment in new tourism infrastructure.

That is why with our project we will strengthen, support and connect existing green infrastructure along the Balkan Green Belt by creating a concept for a long-distance hiking trail of 3500 km. Developing the idea will set a stable foundation for a future flagship project for the full length of the long-distance hiking trail along the EGB. This will contribute to nourishing the local capacities and educating young people in this very dynamic socio-economic situation.

We will have 3500 km of trails through 9 Balkan countries (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and Turkey), verified and connected into a concept for a long-distance hiking trail with detailed GPS data and logistical information.  
While traversing the length of the Balkania route we will reach out to 10 000 young people from Balkan countries and increase their knowledge about the EGB and the project.

Every adventure starts with the first step; now we will know where the next one leads.

With the financial contribution of the European Union through "The BESTbelt project”

Project Duration 01/11/2023 – 31/10/2024
Lead organisation - Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation
Partners - Team Serbia, Association Ambrozija (Republic of North Macedonia), Back to Nature (Turkey), PPNEA (Albania)
Contact person for the project - Petar Vanev -