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BBF is a member of the marine family of Seas at Risk

photo Spas Uzunov
Jun 10, 2022
We are happy to announce at EU Ocean Week that the BBF has been a member of Seas at Risk for several months now - the only European organization working on a wide range of maritime policy issues and open to membership for all genuine NGOs active in the marine environment. For more than 30 years, Seas at Risk has supported the cause of Europe's marine environment and the world's seas and oceans.

We strive for seas and an ocean whose marine life is abundant, diverse, climate-resilient, and unthreatened by human pressures. Our network of member organisations in every corner of the EU shares our dedication to protecting the marine environment and their crucial ecosystems. This makes Seas At Risk a unique and unifying player in the European movement for a clean marine environment and gives us a strong voice in international political processes. ”- shared the Brussels headquarters.

EU Ocean Week returns for the third consecutive year between 8-15 June, with the theme of nature protection and restoration. This week, 15 awareness-raising, artistic and policy events in Brussels and beyond bring together the public, policymakers, scientists, ocean and climate activists, and industry representatives. Ocean Week is led by Birdlife International, ClientEarth, Oceana, Seas at Risk, Surfrider Foundation Europe and WWF European Policy Office. 

As part of Seas at Risk, the BBF has also launched its campaign for cleaner beaches on the Black Sea coast, urging anyone who wants to collect some rubbish around the beach to take pictures and upload the photo to social media with the tag #морскочисто, then take it to separate collection containers. With this campaign, we want to show that the care of each of us is important and there is no need for large-scale campaigns or bags and trucks, but there is a need for each of us!

The EU has a mission to restore and protect our seas, oceans and waters, where fish stocks are still overexploited, animals become entangled in abandoned fishing gear, marine litter endangers the health of wildlife and reduces biodiversity. The goals the EU has set itself to help the seas and oceans recover and prosper are not yet being met.

And we with the #морскочисто campaign, during the summer season, aim to increase public commitment to a cleaner sea by reaching at least 10,000 people. Get involved :)