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2023 - Year of Biodiversity and Climate

Jan. 04, 2023
Every day we feel the effects of climate change - high temperatures, unusual weather, intense and untimely rainfall, devastating droughts and fires, storms and hurricanes. Natural disasters are occurring more frequently, in more places, with unprecedented severity, and are putting millions of lives at risk.

Today, there is no dispute about the causes of this rapid change within just a few generations. Yes, climate changes are a part of life and Earth's history, but they have occurred slowly, over tens, hundreds of millions of years, allowing organisms and nature to adapt to them. This time, the cause is a man and his activities, and the scientific facts unequivocally prove it. The rapid release of colossal amounts of carbon, stored safely for billions of years in the Earth's crust, plays a major role in climate change. And they are particularly dangerous for biodiversity.

Thousands of plants and animals are under pressure, and many are already disappearing irretrievably. Coastal and northernmost areas, high mountains, wetlands, coral reefs are the most threatened habitats.

In many places, people are also experiencing great hardship - losing their livelihoods and homes and becoming climate migrants.

It is our responsibility to find solutions, look for opportunities, and to learn from nature. To preserve the integrity of natural systems, to innovate in our daily lives, to reduce our use of natural resources wisely, and to take advantage of alternative sources of energy. And above all, to realize the importance of personal contribution not only to change our habits but also to take an active stand and demand climate policies.

The Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation works to inform about the effects of climate change and involve different groups of society. We help the voice of young scientists and young people to be heard. We develop playful and artistic approaches to influence the topic so that we reach more people. We share the stories of people - from Bulgaria or other parts of the world because we are all connected in a common world and our every action has its consequence.

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